Wish you had more time to take care of those hundreds of weekly errands that never end? Need more hours to meet the repairman, have your car serviced, walk the dog or just get organized? Wish you could clone yourself?

Well, you can’t make more time and cloning just isn’t an option.

Relieve the stress and hire Tracy Oddson, the Oregon Assistant, to help you. She can take away the pressure you feel when you are faced with the demands of a full-time career and still need more time to take care of yourself and your household. Think of how much free time you’d have if you had a personal assistant to take care of your dry cleaning, go to the post office, help organize your cupboards and closets, then took your unwanted items to the consignment store or Goodwill. Tracy can do all of that, and more!

Along with handling everyday errands, Tracy offers many virtual office services, such as, inputting receipts, proofreading, sending out newsletters, and general administrative assistance. So, whether you live next door or across the country, Oregon Assistant can provide a full range of services, either in person or remotely.

Think of how much more relaxed you could be if you had your own personal assistant who could run around town for you, or maybe even a virtual assistant to help with that overload at work. Sound easy? It is! Contact Oregon Assistant today.



Serving Oregon locally, and the world virtually.

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